Out of character, this blog was created as a creative effort between me and my friend. Most of the actual stories you find here are written by him. You can follow us both on Twitter at @ChobbyCub (me) and @Arakkoa (him). Because in-character most stories are told by Lorewalker Cho, I am using my handle to publish them. Don’t forget to see Verroak’s own blog at arakkoa.wordpress.com too!

Did you think you got rid of old Lorewalker Cho when you left Pandaria and started looking for new adventures? Think again! Haha, I am only joking, for I am certain you cannot wait to see more of my stories. I created this “blog”, as they call it, to continue telling my tales to the fair folks who visited me in the Seat of Knowledge during the recent crisis. I have grown quite fond of all the newcomers, always so curious of our history and culture. I will not lie, many of you have slept through my lectures, but I do not hold it against you.

There are so many tales I had no chance to tell before you all left! Some of them are true stories of our past heroes. Some of them are allegories and symbols of greater truths. Some of them are more than likely completely made up by old Lorewalkers to entertain the cubs. But they all have in common one thing: they all are amazing stories that will teach you many things, about life, wisdom and Pandaria itself.

So if you don’t mind, friends, stay awhile and listen, and soon you will find here stories of Pandaria that you never heard before.


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